Translation Rules

When translating something into Latin, you will have to use the following terms:

Latin Only, google translator is a No Go, you should go for words you need at online dictionarys as Pons. Always remember, you dont have to translate all words, some arent needed in the Latin speech such as He She It usw.

English Word Latin Word
Item # Numero Rei
Object Class Genus Rei
Special Containment Procedures Formulae Præcipuae Continendo
Description Descriptium
Addenum Appendix
Safe Tutus
Euclid Εὐκλείδης
Keter כתר
Thaumiel Thaumiel
Apollyon ἀπολλύων
Hiemal Hiemalis
Maksur مكسور
Neutralized Deletus
Explained Explicavit
Joke Iocus
Agent Legatus
Site Castram
Isolation Aggere
Isolation Chamber Arca
Memetic Memeticus (bonus declensions)
Mobile Task Force Mobilis Manus Interventioni
The Serpent's Hand Illa Manus Serpenti
The Chaos Insurgency Rebellio Chao
Global Occult Coalition Mundialis Occultus Coitus
Sarkic Cults Sarkica Sacra
Church of the Broken God Ecclesia Fracto Deo
Doctor Wondertainment Doctor Wondertainment
Nobody Nemo
The Black Queen Illa Nigra Regina
The Fifth Church Quinta Ecclesia
GRU Division "P" GRU Legio "P"
Alexylva University Universitas Alexylva
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